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A strong working culture

Our overall objective is to achieve lasting results and to grow in a sustainable, profitable way.

Combine this with what we offer employees – innovation, global reach, caring culture, individual responsibility, development opportunities, internal career possibilities – and you get an idea of what it is like to work here.

AC Careers - Innovation symbol leaf Innovation
At Atlas Copco we believe that there is always a better way to do things. Not only do we set the standards for our industry by constantly improving processes and products, we also continuously improve quality and transparency in all our operations. We reinvent ourselves everyday by being open-minded and by actively listening to our employees, stakeholders and customers. That is what we mean by being truly innovative.

Find out more about innovation at Atlas Copco.
AC Careers - Global reach Global reach
With businesses in more than 180 countries and a diverse group of employees we are a truly global company. Our values and unique corporate identity unite us no matter where we operate. This diversity brings perspective, dynamics and attracts talent. It also keeps us successful and secures that we bring the best solutions to our customers.
AC Careers - Caring culture Caring culture
We care about you and about the world around us. Our friendly culture is about helping each other and sharing knowledge. We also encourage a free flow of information so that we learn from each other. As a corporate citizen our focus on sustainable productivity is as crucial to us as it is to our customers. Moreover, we strive to be a good and influential part of the community – regardless of where it is.
AC Careers - Individual responsibility Individual responsibility
When you join Atlas Copco you are entrusted with a great deal of responsibility from day one. Why? Because we know that you have the drive to develop on your own initiative and the ability to make sound decisions – but also that you will ask for help when you need it. Since you gladly share your knowledge and expertise we can also give you more professional freedom.
AC Careers - Development opportunities Development opportunities
We are proud of our strong and efficient training and development processes. And we collaborate across national and competence borders, something that gives you the chance to move between business areas, countries and functions. Whether you want to change track in your career, become a specialist or manager – there is always an Atlas Copco way open for you.
AC Careers - Internal career possibilities Internal career possibilities
An open career path is probably as important to you as it is to us. Therefore we primarily promote managers from within the organization and consider leadership a top priority. With an extensive internal job and project market you will get every possible opportunity to have an exciting work life – regardless whether you want to change track in your career, become a specialist or assume new responsibilities as manager.

Water for All

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    Water for All was founded by Atlas Copco employees in 1984. Voluntary donations, boosted by the company, provide clean drinking water to people all over the world.

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