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Media / Application stories / Toyota chooses Atlas Copco for Lexus manufacturing

Toyota chooses Atlas Copco for Lexus manufacturing


Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) builds its Lexus models at Toyota Motor Kyushu Inc in southwest Japan, and at the Tahara plant in central Japan. Both plants are equipped with state-of-the-art assembly technology from Atlas Copco.

Advanced quality assurance

To achieve better quality products, TMC chose Atlas Copco’s latest Tensor ST line of electric tools for safety critical applications. Equipped with built-in torque transducers, the Tensor ST is an operator-friendly work environment tool – noise levels are as low as 68 decibels. In the Tahara plant, Tensor ST tools are partnered with Power Focus controllers. These are linked to TMC’s proprietary error-proofing system via a network. A second Ethernet-based network is dedicated to the Tensor tools. This enables TMC to collect data into the tooling server unit which controls the Atlas Copco data collection and process improvement software modules, including Atlas Copco ToolsNet.

Combined, the systems contribute to product quality by preventing defective problems from leaving the production line. Problems are indentified at an early stage of production, allowing corrective action to be taken before costs arise. For verification of tools and processes, TMC has chosen Atlas Copco’s Quality Assurance products.

Ensuring optimum performance

Installing the tools was just the beginning. The Atlas Copco team worked closely with the TMC programming tightening strategies and process validation to achieve the highest performance in terms of tightening quality and accuracy. They also helped to identify common joint problems and define tightening strategies to eliminate the problems before the production started.