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Media / Product and service news / Mexico’s largest copper and zinc producer is increasing its fleet of Robbins raise drills.

Mexico’s largest copper and zinc producer is increasing its fleet of Robbins raise drills.


Grupo Mexico S.A. de C.V, has invested in its 7:th and 8:th raiseboring system from Atlas Copco. Two new Robbins 73 RM-AC raise drills, a medium-size diameter machine, will be delivered in December 1999.

Grupo Mexico owns the large, open pit copper mines in the north of Mexico as well as several underground mines, which are the country’s principal zinc producers.
The new raise boring units, will be used in the Charcas mine in the State of San Luis Potosi, and the Santa Barbara mine in the State of Chihuahua

“These machines are to be used for ventilation shafts and ore pass raises, from
2.2 to 2.4 m diameter up to 450 m depth”, says Tom Baker, Robbins Product Agent
in Mexico.

Grupo Mexico has relied on Atlas Copco raise borers in its mines since 1974, when it purchased its first 61 R. The new raise drills will complete a fleet of eight raise boring machines, four Robbins 61 R and four Robbins 73 RM units. All six machines are still in operation.

The two Robbins 73 RM-AC rigs were chosen by Grupo Mexico because of their reliability and efficiency. A simple in-line drive system provides balanced thrust loads to improve cutting action. And rigid crosshead guide columns provide efficient torque reaction.

“With more units sold worldwide than any other raise drill model in production, the Robbins 73 RM has become the reliable workhorse throughout the mining industry”, says Mårthen Elgenklöw, Product Manager for Atlas Copco Raise Boring Equipment.

The Robbins 73 RM-AC raise boring rig: The RM series of Raiseborers features in-line drives, incorporating planetary gear reducers and hollow shaft motors for efficient delivery of flushing media. AC stands for an AC electrical drive system. The machine is also available with DC and hydraulic drive systems.

Photo no 202342.
The photo shows a Robbins 73 RM-DC raise Drill, working on the surface.
The machine is equipped with a ground loading pipe loader.

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