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Media / Product and service news / ROC D7RRC – designed for operator safety in the toughest terrain.

ROC D7RRC – designed for operator safety in the toughest terrain.


The Radio Remote Controlled drill rigs from Atlas Copco are the new Star that is now conquering the world. There are three main reasons behind this success; great operator safety, exceptional terrain ability and high productivity

Safety first
By using Radio Remote Control (RRC), the operator manoeuvres the drill rig at a safe distance having the best possible view of operation. All functions such as tramming, drilling and rod handling are controlled from the RRC. The step less controls provides smooth, precise movements – important when positioning a drill rig. Says Sonny Carlsson, CEO, Uppländska Bergborrnings AB, Sweden:
- If it is too steep, you can stand in a safe position on the ground. It is safer – it is security.

The unbeatable climber
By using the ROC D7RRC, operators can easily get access to sites which they usually do not dare to reach. By combining the Radio Remote Control with a rig that has low centre of gravity and hydraulic support leg, exceptional stability and safety are gained. Ground clearance is 455 mm (17 1/2") to provide great manoeuvrability in tough terrain. Says operator Björn Nordahn, Uppländska Bergborrnings AB, Sweden:
- The rig has surprised me several times. You look at the surface you are going to drill and think that this is not possible. But you can go everywhere – I have tried!

Atlas Copco´s unique folding boom provides exceptional reach. The boom is centrally placed with a low mounting point for optimum stability and maximum coverage. The versatile boom head enables the drill feed to be set up in many different positions, whether it’s high reach for drilling for rock bolts to secure unstable rock walls, or applications that require horizontal drilling- the ROC D7RRC will succeed.
Productivity boost
ROC D7RRC provides accurate drilling capability in all kinds of terrain, with the flexibility of remote controls, the operator can always get the best possible visibility for quick and accurate setting up. Thanks to the combined power of the COP1838 rock drill, the CAT engine with sufficient power reserve and the Atlas Copco compressor giving efficient hole cleaning, the ROC D7RRC is a true high performer. Says Sonny Carlsson:
- And it was easy to learn how to manoeuvre. After a couple of days we drilled more with this rig than we did with other rigs.

The ROC D7RRC is equipped with Atlas Copco patented Automatic Drill Stop. This function automatically stops the drilling and loosens the rod threads at a preset depth. The overall quality of drilling is increased, and the time required to retract the rods and move to the next setup is reduced.

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Atlas Copco´s ROC D7RRC drill rig is designed for operator safety in the toughest terrain.

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