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Media / Product and service news / What professional power tool users have been waiting for: a percussion drill with major new design advantages

What professional power tool users have been waiting for: a percussion drill with major new design advantages


Percussion drills have basically remained the same design for over half a century. A user survey has proven that percussion drill users do not think that the conventional design solutions are the best. More than half would prefer to use the new T-TEC model from Atlas Copco instead.

What makes the new percussion drill different? Atlas Copco engineers have developed a machine with a completely new design. Instead of the usual pistol shape they chose a 'T' shape design with a suspended motor as on the larger rotary hammers. This makes the machine very compact. The easily removable rear handle and the slim motor housing mean the user has options on how he would like to use the T-TEC.

For drilling work it can be guided using the complete rear-handle arrangement. This allows you to place optimum pressure on the drill bit. The length being 20 percent shorter than conventional machines also makes the T-TEC easier and less tiring to hold and thus both improves and simplifies work. If the user needs the machine to be more compact, he simply detaches the rear handle and he has a percussion drill that looks rather like a T-handle battery screwdriver. Then he can operate the T-TEC directly just holding the specially designed motor housing. The machine is then well balances and particularly suitable for screwdriving as the mass of the underslung motor counteracts the machines's high torque. In this operating mode, the T-TEC ist about 30 percent shorter than comparable percussion drills at just 247 mm in length.

The rear handle on the T-TEC can be removed or replaced in seconds. The user thus has two purposely designed ways to hold the machine which he can alter according to the application. Despite the powerful 750 Watt motor and 2-speed planetary gear the T-TEC from Atlas Copco is a one-hand machine - the first in its class.

The revolutionary T-TEC design proves that Atlas Copco ist the innovative force in the professional electrical tool business and shows how advanced ergonomics can be applied to improve even the most of machines such as the percussion drill.