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Media / Product and service news / New ZR/ZT range of oil-free compressors represent pure innovation

New ZR/ZT range of oil-free compressors represent pure innovation


Atlas Copco has introduced a new ZR/ZT range of oil-free compressors, which incorporate a brand new tooth compression technology, and offer increased customer value and choice.

At the heart of the new range is an evolution of Atlas Copco’s unique tooth compression technology: the single tooth element has evolved into a double tooth configuration. This new symmetrical compression rotor is dynamically balanced by design and facilitates compression with a lower power requirement, thus increasing efficiency of the compressor.

Increased customer value and choice are provided in many ways. The ZT air-cooled range has been extended to include a 15kW variant for all markets, and the water- cooled ZR is now available in 30, 37 and 45 kW sizes.

The concept of integration of features within the compressor to create a compact and compatible package is further in evidence. The new ZR/ZT range can now be classified as a "Workplace Air System", a first for an oil-free Z compressor, due to its class-leading silent operation, as low as 63 dB(A), along with integration of air treatment accessories. Dryers are now included within the compressor package in the form of the tried and tested ID refrigeration dryers or MD adsorption dryers, which ensure that the customer’s desired air quality can be met.

The integration of the highly efficient MD dryer also provides an energy saving advantage for the customer, as the cooling fan of the regeneration cooler is now part of the compressor cooler package, eliminating the need for a separate cooling fan.

The new ZR/ZT is truly a compressor for the global market, with its range of high ambient (500C) variants extended to all fixed speed models at both 7.5 and 8.6 bar operating pressures.

With the introduction of this new ZR/ZT range of compressors, Atlas Copco has further consolidated its position as an innovative provider of compressed air solutions to industry, which display its key corporate values of interaction, commitment and innovation.

Industrial Air is a division within the business area Compressor Technique of the Atlas Copco Group with the main production center located in Antwerp, Belgium. The division develops, manufactures and markets worldwide a vast range of oil injected and oil-free air compressors and air treatment equipment used in all kind of industries. By nature and innovative design Industrial Air cares for the environment. The company employs approx. 2000 people worldwide. More information is available on