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CDE 850+ TDE HP package : capacity up to 2295 NI/S @36 bar – 4800Scfm @507psi

Mohamed Aguil

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This high pressure heatless desiccant dryer, mounted in a certified lifting frame for transport and protection, is key to clean and dry compressed air for any project requirement wherever needed. This package incorporates pre-coolers with condensate separator and automatic drains, an Atlas Copco heatless desiccant twin tower dryer, oil removal and dust filtration system and an Atlas Copco generator to make the unit completely autonomous.

With a working range between 4.5 to 35 bar/ 65 to 500 psi and flows up to 2295 Nl/s / 4863 scfm, this 3 in 1 dryer package will reduce your operating costs by means of :

Fuel saving benefits due to: different operation modes, multiple power connection possibilities, PDP based dryer regulation instead of timer based regulation.

Logistics/Transport: one package to transport and install on site reducing transport and installation costs

Increased flexibility; even compressors without after cooler can feed the dryer and the integrated manual bypass over the dryer makes it possible to take the dryer safely in or out of operation in a split second.

Guaranteed PDP in high ambient environments up to 55°C/131°F due to onboard pre-coolers

The package can be powered in 3 ways:
1) Through the QAS20 generator which is the common choice when you also need to power the electric fan motors of the TDE air coolers
2) Through an external 24V DC battery, e.g. from feed air unit, connected to the dryer control panel when the TD air coolers are not required
3) Through an external 400V/3ph power supply

Four operating modes:
Mode 1 : Dryer running, cooler fans controlled automatically
Mode 2 : Dryer running, cooler fans operated manually
Mode 3 : Dryer running, cooler fans disabled manually
Mode 4 : Dryer stopped, cooler fans stopped, dryer bypassed


  • Air pre-treatment: 1 coalescing filter for removal of water, oil and particles.
    High differential pressure alarm on filters SS316 zero loss water drains
  • Dessicant towers: Properly sized and with stainless steel internals.
  • Air after-treatment: Dust particle afterfilter for maximum contaminant removal and minimum pressure drop
  • Sonic nozzle: Protects the dryer from excessive mass flow
  • Control system: Atlas Copco Electronikon controller for timer based or dew point based control
  • Noise level: Max 85dB(a) noise level (dual stage blow off)
  • Valves: Low maintenance double excentric butterfly valves with SS316 disc

Fully CE compliant
15 years continuous operation design lifetime

For details see leaflet

Technical data

Technical Specifications
Maximum inlet pressure16 - 35 bar
Minimum inlet pressure4.5 - 7 bar
Max air inlet temperature110 ºC
Minimum air inlet temperature1 ºC
Maximum ambient air temperature55 ºC
Pressure Dew Point up 40°C/104°F ambient-40 ºC
Pressure Dew Point at 55°C/131°F ambient * -20 ºC
Minimum volume flow at dryer inlet 30% of the volume flow at dryer inlet
Capacity FAD (l/s)850 - 2295 l/s
Capacity FAD (m³/h, cfm)1801 - 4863 m³/h

Mohamed Aguil

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