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OSS: Oil-water separator

Mohamed Aguil

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Atlas Copco’s OSS offers absorption based condensate management for oil-injected piston and rotary screw compressors below 30 l/s (60 cfm). The oil water separator uses a new, advanced filter medium to remove oil traces to concentrations below 15 ppm. Easy to install, use and replace, the OSS is the affordable condensate cleaning solution for smaller air systems.

To verify the oil concentration at the OSS’ outlet, an optional sampling kit is available.

Customer benefits

  • Clean water
    After separation, oil-in-water concentrations are below 15 ppm.

  • Environmentally friendly
    All materials are 100% recyclable.

  • Economic solution
    Avoid collection by a costly third party.

  • Small footprint
    Compact and lightweight design, optimized for small compressors.

  • Excellent performance
    Thanks to the use of advanced absorption media.

  • Easy installation and replacement
    A wall or plate mounting bracket is included.

Technical data

Technical Specifications
Capacity FAD (l/s, cfm)15 - 30 l/s
Weight1 kg

Total customer care

Your bottom line, maximum availability of our equipment at minimum total operating cost, is the top priority for all of us at Atlas Copco. Our way of achieving that builds on interaction, on long-term relationships and involvement in your processes, needs and objectives.
Our organization and people are committed to the maximum operational availability and efficiency of your compressed air network. Total customer care is our goal at any level of service interaction with you; from standardized genuine parts over tailormade service plans to remote monitoring and optimization.
We want you to see Atlas Copco as a real performance partner that can contribute to the productivity of your processes. The best way of taking care of your interest is by taking the best care of your equipment.

Save energy

Energy saving
With their detailed and extensive knowledge of compressed air, our energy and air consultant engineers will be able to determine an acceptable operating balance, that is both within the capabilities of your compressors and also adequate to satisfy your production with minimized operational running costs.

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Monitor your products

Keeping an eye on your equipment at all times is the best way for Atlas Copco to prevent production loss due to a breakdown. This inside view on your operation allows us to plan for maintenance pro-actively.

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Customer support plans

Customer Support Plan
What you need is a solution to keep your production optimal at all time and preferably at the lowest operating cost. Our specialized advisors will visit your production facilities and assess your specific needs. This allows us to propose the most cost effective Customer Support Plan for your maintenance needs.

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Upgrade your product

Upgrade Products
Our upgrade kits are the result of continuous engineering work to make the latest technology available for your existing equipment range. This will inevitably improve the key performance features such as energy consumption and reliability. Intelligent use and the sustained health of core parts are the basic requirements for the lifelong optimum availability of your equipment.

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Genuine parts

Genuine parts
Because Atlas Copco genuine parts are built according to the same quality standards as your compressor, you are guaranteed that your production, even after servicing your compressor, will remain at the same high level.

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Mohamed Aguil

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