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Simba S7: Long-hole drilling rig

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The Simba S7 is built upon a modern design sharing many components in common with the successful Boomer S1 face drilling rig. It is a long-hole drilling rig for small- to medium-sized drifts in the 51 to 89 mm hole range. The rig is capable of ring drilling with parallel holes upward and downward with up to 5,9 m spacing. Equipped with a high-performance tophammer rock drill and boom-mounted drilling unit the Simba S7 offers a sustainable high-precision solution for long-hole drilling.

Features & benefits

  • COP 1838+ and MUX+ 18 kW rock drill for high availability and high productivity
  • Boom-mounted robust drilling unit for maximum reach and flexibility in both long-hole drilling and bolt-hole drilling
  • Rod carousel for 10+1 rods for mechanized drilling up to 20 m

Technical description

Technical data

Air system
Air pressure gaugeYes
Adjustable flow/pressureYes
Lubricated air for the rock drillYes
Air flow guardYes
Drilling unit
Adaptable to drill rods/pipesR32, TC35, T38 (T45)
Adaptable to rods/pipes4', 5', 6'
Mechanized drilling Up to 20 m
Big hole drilling kitYes
Rod Handling SystemRHS 10, 10+1 rods
EngineDeutz 4-cylinder, D914 L04 (Tier 3/Stage IIIA)
Power rating55 kW at 2300 rpm
Axle, frontDana 112
Axle, rearDana 112, ± 7˚ oscillation
Tires 9.00xR20
Clearance outside axles15˚
Differential lock on front axleAutomatic
Hydrostatic power steering systemYes
Hydraulic jacks, front2 extendable
Hydraulic jacks, rear2
Service brakes2 separate circuits
Emergency and parking brakesSAHR
Electrical system24 Volt
Beacon warning lampYes
Reverse alarmYes
Brake lightsYes
Fire extinguisherYes
Exhaust catalyserYes
Swingable seat for operating and trammingYes
Articulated steering±40˚ steering angle
Torque270 Nm at 1500 rpm
Tramming speed on flat ground>15 km/h
Tramming speed on incline 1:8>5 km/h
Boot washing kitOptional
Manual rig washing kitOptional
Safety beltYes
Tramming lights6x40 W, 24 V LED, 2x70 W 24 V
Illuminated stairs for platformYes
Fuel tank, volume60 l
Central grease pointYes
Control system
Control systemDirect Control System, DCS
Angle reading instrumentARI S7
Battery for electronic systemYes
Dimensions and weight
Height roof up2800 mm
Width2000 mm
Turning radius, inner2850 mm
Turning radius, outer5000 mm
Ground clearance335 mm
Height tramming2100 mm
Length, tramming8805 mm
Electrical system
Total installed power80 kW
Voltage380-1000 V
Frequency50-60 Hz
Starting methodStar/delta (380-690 V)
Overload protection for electric motorsElectronic
Digital volt/amperage meter in electrical cabinetYes
Phase sequence indicatorYes
Earth fault indicatorYes
Battery chargerYes
Transformer5 kVA
Cable reelYes
Limit switch for cable reelYes
Manual spotlight left sideYes
Hydraulic system
Hydraulic oil thermostatYes
Water cooled oil cooler in stainless steelYes
Rig Alignment Laser, RALYes
Hydraulic oil tank volume145 l
Pumps unloaded at startYes
Oil filter indicatorYes
Oil temperature gauge on oil tankYes
Electrical oil filling pumpYes
Filtration16 µm
Hydraulic oilMineral
Positioning system
BoomBUT 32PD
Boom extension, max1250 mm
Feed dump, drilling+24˚ forward, -79˚ backward
Feed extension (with 4' drill steel)900 mm
Rear stingerYes
Weight, boom only2000 kg
Water system
Water booster pumpHydraulic
Water inlet pressure, min2 bar
Water flow guardYes
Capacity, max60 l/min at 12 bar
Noise and vibration
Operator sound pressure level in cabin, drilling, free field (ISO 11201)75± 3 dB(A) re 20uPa
Vibration levels seated, drilling (ISO 2631-1)0.07±0.07 m/s^2
Vibration levels standing, drilling (ISO 2631-1)0.07±0.07 m/s^2 2
Rock drill
Drilling methodTophammer
Rock drillCOP 1638, COP 1838

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