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Diamec Smart 6: Advanced Underground core drilling rig


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The Diamec Smart 6 set the standard for underground core drilling rigs and has been designed to handle the majority of applications. The guiding stars when developing the rig has been robustness, operator safety and minimal need for maintenance.

The rig has an advanced Rig Control System (RCS) that enables automatic drilling that brings increased productivity and lower total cost of ownership. From the touch screen on the remote control panel, the drilling parameters are easily set and the monitored. The automatic drilling of the complete run with constant penetration rate, drastically improves bit life compared to manual drilling. The automatic drilling function also reduces risk for core blockage and hole deviation, and minimizes risk of drilling errors and operator fatigue.

The Diamec Smart 6 can be equipped with a state of the art rod handling system that relieves the operator and take away many of the hazardous operations in the drilling process, e.g. handling of the inner tube.

The Diamec Smart 6 drilling rig is equipped with an equal pull and push capacity that optimizes drilling performance. The drilling rig’s unique, versatile, and easy-to-use positioner makes it possible to drill in any direction, the simplicity also means less time wasted between holes. A wide choice of equipment is available for the Diamec Smart 6 drilling rig for flexibility in drilling operations.

The modularized design enables you to select the optimum configuration for your application.

Features & benefits

  • An Advanced Rig control system that enables automatic drilling
  • Optional state of the art rod handling system
  • Equal pull and push capacity for optimal drilling.
  • Wide choice of equipment available for flexibility of drilling operations.
  • Unique, versatile, and easy-to-use positioner for drilling in any direction.

Technical data

Technical Specifications
Depth capacity1300 m
Drill Rod SizeA-H
Max torque2390 Nm
Rotation, max, rpm 1640
Feed force, pull push89 kN
Feed length, long1800 mm
Feed length, short850 mm
Height4390 mm
Width1030 mm
Length, long4550 mm
Length, short3500 mm
Weight1850 kg

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