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Boyles C8C: Powerful surface core drilling rig with high-altitude capability

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Boyles C8C is the most powerful rig in the Boyles range and yet easy to operate. This rig has a new feed system that further improves the high productivity that has become a key characteristic of the Boyles rigs. Boyles C8C has a depth capacity of 1 830 m. The newly designed level-wind wireline winch rolls the wire evenly across the full width of the drum. The work environment around the rig has been carefully considered during development. All major components are located to allow easy access during maintenance. In order to control carbonemissions, the rig features a modern Tier III engine.

The rig maintains its strong power and high performance at high altitude, without the need for an additional high-altitude kit. The whole hydraulic system is optimized to reduce the effects of low air pressure in high altitude regions.

Features & benefits

  • Reliability and trouble-free operation. Each and every component of a Boyles rig is designed to withstand harsh operational conditions with a minimum of service required.
  • The power to get any job done. The rig comes with a powerful, Tier III low emission engine that brings out the full capacity of the rig, giving you the power to get the job done.
  • Efficiency to collect more core per hour. The feed system is designed to optimize the penetration speed, generating as much core result as possible.
  • Personal safety first. The rig is equipped with pressure rolls on the main hoist, automatic stop functions on the drum and mast top, easily accessible emergency stops etc. All for the driller’s safety.
  • High usability lets you focus on the job at hand. All key components are accessible from a user-friendly and intuitive control panel.

Technical description

Technical data

Technical Specifications
Depth capacity2360 m
Product seriesBoyles
Height11219 mm
Width2500 mm
Length11242 mm
Weight14000 kg
Rod pull length6 m
Max torque5742 Nm
Max speed1300 rpm
Feeding length3.5 mm
Drill Rod SizeB-P
Main Hoist133 kN
Hole diameter48 - 122 mm

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