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Symmetrix Permanent Ring bit system for Tophammer

Atlas Copco Symmetrix offers a permanent ring bit system for tophammer drilling, providing an all-round overburden drilling system for holes of any depth or size. The Symmetrix system is a patented, ingeniously simple system using a concentric method of drilling through overburden with casing. Symmetrix can drill straight holes at any angle (including horizontal) and to depths beyond 100 meters (328 feet).
The three main components of the system are

  • A pilot bit that drills the center part of the hole and guides the drill string.
  • A casing shoe welded to the casing pipe, which is pulled down by the impact of the hammer and pilot bit.
  • A symmetrical ring bit.
    For these components two different setups are offered by Atlas Copco. For setup one all three above mentioned components should be ordered. Setup two consits of a factory assembled ring bit set (integrated ring bit and casing shoe) and a pilot bit. Symmetrix systems can be used in a multitude of applications such as micropiling, underpinning, anchoring, marine work and horizontal drilling. Symmetrix handles casings from 76 to 1,220 mm (3 to 48 in) to almost any depth.

Features & benefits

  • Drills straight holes without deviation
  • Drills in any direction
  • Drills fast through any ground
  • Pile bottom can be verified
  • Cost and time efficient
  • Adaptable for most kinds of equipment

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