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Concentric Collet Drill and Countersink: PFD1100

The PFD equipment from Atlas Copco offer outstanding productivity, robustness and ease of use. The modular design allows easy service and re-configuration for optimized cutting parameters and maximized uptime.

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PFD1100 with concentric collet for drill and countersink enables one-shot drilling and offers an ergonomic and quick way of clamping. Increase in productivity also comes from the high powered turbine motor which allows the tool to be used in most type of applications around component manufacturing and final assembly. The inboard lubricator is easy to use and secures supply of lubrication to the cutting tool throughout the drilling process. ChipLetĀ® can be added as an optional feature for efficient chip breakage and chip collection. This specific model of PFD1100 is suitable for both drill with countersink and drill only in thin stacks and relatively small hole diameters.

Features & benefits

  • The turbine motor offers high cuttinng speeds and high productivity
  • The concentric collet clamping system is strong annd precise
  • The countersinking feature makes the tool a solution for one-shot drilling
  • An ergonomic design and ease of use makes the tool operator friendly
  • The inboard lubricator deliveres precise MQL for best hole quality
  • The long service intervals maximizes uptime and ROI
  • The overload clutch prevents gear failure in case of missuse or process errors

Technical data

Technical Specifications
Drill and ReamYes
Sound level 78 dB(A)
Spindle Power1.7 kW
Motor Power2.1 kW
Max hole15.9 mm
Max Countersink22 mm
Max speed7300 rpm
Min Speed350 rpm
Max Thrust2000 N
Max Clamp Force (cc)1800 N
Max Feed0.17 mm/rev
Tool weight (Base)3 kg
max air consumption30 l/s
Air Inlet0.5 BSP
Operating pressure7.5 bar
Angle Head Radius16 mm
Air Hose13 mm

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Atlas Copco USA - Eco Design - PFD1100 EDA

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