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Installation of new equipment

Ensure trouble-free operation

You can count on a certified Atlas Copco technician to ensure the highest quality installation and management of both new tools and surrounding equipment. After each installation you receive an installation report that also suggests improvements in your production. With our fixed price installation and startup programs you always know the cost in advance.

Installation Check List

  • Programming and testing of the tool/system
  • I/O’s and PLC connections and functions
  • ToolsNet connections
  • Back-up protocol with a customer copy
  • Cable installation based on Atlas Copco guidelines
  • Handover protocol with a customer copy
  • Other customer specifi c functions and requests

Customer values

Open table
Set-up of tightening strategy by a certifi ed technician.Improved quality and full warranty on the installation.
One provider handles the entire delivery and set-up.Just one supplier to deal with and free to focus on core business.
Knowledge of the installation.Consultation support afterwards.
Fixed price installation.Know your costs in advance.