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Production start-up

Solve issues now – avoid problems later

One of the most critical phases with your new equipment is start-up. Here we have the opportunity to solve issues in a way that will avoid problems during full production. Our certified technicians have long experience of starting up our equipment. With our expertise we make sure you get the best possible start for your full production.

Work performed at start-up:

  • Ensure a smooth production start-up
  • Online monitoring
  • Verifi cation of tightening results
  • Storage of tool programming
  • Ergonomic issues
  • Tool and cable issues
  • Other customer specifi c requests

Customer values

Open table
Having an experienced and certifi ed technician at start-up.Fast, professional problem solving.
Good back office support.Ensures that customer produce products of the right quality. Quick, problem-free start-up.