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We care for vacuum

Making the most of your vacuum system requires care, professional care.

Atlas Copco knows the ins and outs of vacuum. As a market leader and innovator in all areas of gas compression technology, we have developed state of the art vacuum pumps, systems and accessories.
Our customer centers all over the world can deliver the high quality vacuum solutions that suit your application.

Did you know?

GHS 730 VSD _pack

• Over the lifetime of a vacuum pump, the energy cost is 4 to 5 times higher than the initial investment cost.
• A 1 mm diameter leak in a vacuum installation operating at 1 mbar requires an extra 500 m³/h. This equals the power of a 15 kW motor.
• One day of unplanned downtime due to loss of vacuum will cost you several times more than a yearly maintenance contract.

To keep the equipment highly reliable and efficient throughout its lifetime, service support is available in your location, tailored to your specific needs and delivered by our factorytrained experts.