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Refrigerant Compressed Air Dryers FX 1-22

The FX range of refrigerant dryers offer a reliable, cost effective and simple solution. To avoid condensation and therefore all chance of corrosion and damage, the compressed air needs to be dried, which is exactly what the FX units are designed to do. These simple reliable units remove water from the air and the risk from your system, ensuring that your money doesn’t just disappear into the air.

Your benefits

FX 10

FX 10 refrigerant compressed air dryer

  • Solid performance
  • Steady pressure dew point
  • No freezing of condensed moisture
  • No chance of moisture entering the compressed air system
  • Simple reliability
  • Quality components, generously sized
  • Simple and proven design
  • Effective control system (hot gas bypass).
  • Easy installation
  • Plug and play concept
  • Single electrical connection
  • All units pre-commissioned
  • Self regulating.
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Long service intervals
  • Few component replacements
  • Ergonomic design for fast access to key components.

Technical specifications

Open table
Dryer typeMax.inlet conditions (ambient/inlet)Air flow at outlet with a PDP of 5°CPower consumption air-cooled, 50 HzPower consumption 60 HzMax.working pressure Dimensions 
 °Cl/skWkWbar(g)L (mm)W (mm)H (mm)
Air-cooled versions        
FX 145°C/55°C70.170.2116*500350484
FX 245°C/55°C120.240.2416*500350484
FX 345°C/55°C160.260.3216*500350484
FX 445°C/55°C230.480.4716*500350484
FX 545°C/55°C350.40.5816*500350484
FX 645°C/55°C450.840.8413500370804
FX 745°C/55°C580.950.9513500370804
FX 845°C/55°C691.081.0813500460829
FX 945°C/55°C791.261.2613560460829
FX 1045°C/55°C1001.581.5813560460829
FX 1145°C/55°C1251.641.6413560580939
FX 1245°C/55°C14822.0313560580939
FX 1345°C/55°C1922.33.4138987351002
FX 1445°C/55°C2302.94.15138987351002
FX 1545°C/55°C2883.85.1138987351002
FX 1645°C/55°C3454.16.1138987351002
FX 1745°C/55°C4246.38.113108210201560
FX 1845°C/55°C53078.713108210201560
FX 1945°C/55°C6188.510.513108210201560
FX 2045°C/55°C88311.313.913209910201560
FX 2145°C/55°C123615.91713209910201560

* 20 bar(g)/290 psi(g) variant available.

Reference conditions:
- Ambient temperature: 25°C
- Inlet air temperature: 35°C
- Working pressure: 7 bar

Maximum conditions:
- Ambient temperature: 46°C
- Inlet air temperature: 60°C
- Working pressure: 13 bar

FX 1-10 available in 230 V 50 HZ and 115 V-230 60 Hz.
FX 11 and FX 12 available in 230 V/50 and 60 Hz.
FX 13-21 available in 400/50 Hz and 460/60 Hz.