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Applications / Medical air applications / Medical air applications

Medical air applications

Your medical application is in safe hands with Atlas Copco's Medical Air Systems...

Medical air

Atlas Copco Medical - Air Application
Hospitals increasingly rely on integrated, stable sources of compressed air. Atlas Copco offers you complete air plants for your hospital, pre-certified corresponding to the most stringent standards. Air cleaned and drier by the MED/dMED+ offers the ability to administer medical air and operate surgical tools simultaneously. Even in highly polluted ambient air environments, the MED/dMED+ provides air purity you can count on.

Dental air applications

Dental compressor
Especially for dental practices, laboratories and other small surgical units, Atlas Copco has a range of oil-free piston and scroll compressors that deliver Class 0 rated, clean air. These compact compressors are quiet, reliable and easy to operate.

Laboraties and universities

You can rely on Atlas Copco to support your valuable science research and to meet the growing requirements of ANSI Z9.5 standard. We are ready to deliver our knowledge and equipment to reach high-quality air and vacuum to power your laboratory.