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Clinica Los Coihues

Clínica Los Coihues in Chile relies on Atlas Copco's medical air systems to help the recovery of its patients.

Clínica Los Coihues is the first and only private clinic dedicated exclusively to "integral rehabilitation" in Chile. It specializes in the physical-cognitive rehabilitation of adults and pediatric patients suffering from neurological, orthopedic, rheumatologic and respiratory disorders resulting from illness or accident.

Personalized monitoring

Hospital and outpatient services help patient to reintegrate into society, work and school. Their progress in the treatment is monitored using the Functional Independence Measuring (FIM) System. That system allows the patient's progress to be measured periodically from both the motor and the cognitive point of view.

Each patient is monitored using a Care Plan, a specialized software package available at Clínica Los Coihues. All the professionals involved in the process interact with this software, making it more effective.

Patients in safe hands

The clinic was founded in 2001. It has 100 beds in an area of 6000 m², large therapeutic areas and international-standard equipment. Now Clínica Los Coihues has the latest technology in medical air. It recently purchased an SF compressor and a MED device from Atlas Copco.

This equipment supplies 100% pure medical air, which is used for the patients' nebulizers and inhalers. The SF scroll compressor and the MED system are the perfect combination for providing pure, 100% oil-free air.

Saving up to 40% in medical air costs


Alejandra Pérez, Atlas Copco sales specialist

The clinic's Maintenance Manager, is a pioneer in this type of equipment and says that they are very happy with the purchase of this new solution.

What do you think of your Atlas Copco solution?

In two words: convenient and efficient.
Convenient because we can be sure that we will not need to be constantly replacing air cylinder, as we did before with the old system. With that old system, we were always worried that the air in the cylinders would run out at any moment and we would have to replace them. On peak days, this could happen up to three times a day, at a cost of $14 234 each. That does not happen anymore thanks to our Atlas Copco compressor.

Our air system is also efficient, because it is a single investment that saves me between 30% and 40% per month in medical air costs, given that we are nu longer wasting money on expensive refills.

Also, the majority of our patients is cared for using this single piece of equipment. I therefore only use oxygen cylinders, which are more expensive, for special cases. Last but not least, the system is reliable.

What do you think of the air quality from the MED system?

I think the quality is excellent. The medical air from this equipment is oil-free, all potential contaminants are filtered out and the system converts CO into CO2. We are talking about vital air quality for patients. Furthermore, the equipment is brand-new and I’m confident it will still serve us for a long time to come.

Why did Clínica Los Coihues choose Atlas Copco?

Actually, my previous supplier recommended Atlas Copco to me for this type of equipment (which they did not offer) and I had also previously worked with some Atlas Copco compressors. Furthermore, Atlas Copco offers me a qualified technical service in the area if it is needed, and finally, it is an all-in-one device: compressor + dryer + filter. It is the perfect all-in-one solution.

How has the noise level improved?

The noise is almost imperceptible: with a noise level as low as 63 dB, there is no noise pollution. Actually, the fact this it is designed to respect the environment was another reason we chose this system. Furthermore, the compressor is located in the parking lot and the rooms have insulated glazing.