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Products / Medical gas products

Medical gas products

Your hospital, dental practice, veterinary lab or clinical work environment demands ultra-clean air. Atlas Copco offers a full range of state-of-the-art solutions to produce pure medical, breathing and surgical air as well as vacuum.

Medical Air Plants

Atlas Copco Medical - MGS_Product
A dependable flow of pure air is crucial to keep you up and running at all times. Today, Atlas Copco is a leading global manufacturer of compressor solution thanks to:
  • Continuous market anticipation
  • Years of experience
  • Technical innovation
Our medical solutions once more give proof of that leadership. We provide clean and dry air, delivered in a quiet and compact package.

Medical gas tailored to your needs

uAIR Medical Air Plant
Medical gas service and support is central to everything we offer our customers. We maintain the world's largest service force, dedicated exclusively to medical gas.

Build your own Medical Air Plant according to your needs. Atlas Copco's air plant systems are composed of modular blocks (compressor, dryer and receiver). You can select up to 8 compressors and match the volumetric medical air flow with the purification package of your choice.

Download the "Medical Gas Equipment" brochure to learn more:

Atlas Copco Medical - Family MED25plus MED100pluspu Medical Air Purifiers
Atlas Copco's MED/MED+ systems convert compressed air into highly-purified air for all your medical applications.
Oil-free Medical Compressor group Medical Compressors
Atlas Copco Compressors provide power for your production and protect your process and end products.
uAIR Medical Air Plant Medical Air Plant uAIR series
Atlas Copco's Air Plants provide certified medical compressed air that meets and exceeds exacting standards.
mVAC group.jpg Medical Vacuum Plant
Atlas Copco's mVAC systems provide a highly reliable medical vacuum (suction) for a variety of applications, mainly in operating theaters, intensive care, emergency and respirology units.
Bap13_145 family.jpg Breathing Air Purifiers
Breathing air purifiers turn compressed air into certified breathing air.
medical_manifolds.tif BeaconMedaes medical gas equipment
BeaconMedaes is part of the Atlas Copco Group and the world's leading supplier of medical gas equipment.