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BeaconMedaes medical gas equipment

BeaconMedaes is part of the Atlas Copco Group and the world's leading supplier of medical gas equipment. BeaconMedaes' team of dedicated engineers has years of professional experience, designing the most advanced products in the market.

The Anaesthetic Gas Scavenging system is an active system which removes anaesthetic gas mixtures from operating rooms and any other areas fitted with nitrous oxide terminal units.

AGS Duplex.tif
The removal at source protects your medical staff from the possible long-term health hazards of being exposed to anaesthetic gases. 
By virtue of its design, the active disposal system can produce high levels of capture simply by connecting the terminal unit to the anesthetic breathing circuit via a receiver unit, thereby removing the majority of ‘pollution’ at source.

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Safety and a reliable, continuous supply of medical gases are always at hand, with BeaconMedaes' Lifeline® manifolds.

Atlas Copco Medical - BeaconMedaes LifeLine Manifold
Continuity of supply is of paramount importance for medical gases.

BeaconMedaes Lifeline® manifolds incorporate 1st stage regulators specifically designed to cope with the rigorous demands of medical gas supply.

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BeaconMedaes has medical gas outlets to suit every need, from basic reliability to advanced functionality.

BeaconMedaes is your source for the highest quality product measured in durability, reliability and cost-effectiveness.
They offer you medical gas outlets to match your existing systems as well as allowing you to choose from a wide variety of technologically advanced medical gas outlets.

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BeaconMedaes Bedhead Trunking provides an attractive and practical way to place the required services close to the patient.

According to the specific needs of your location, these units provide outlets and connections to medical gas, electricity, lighting, nurse calls and telecom.

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BeaconMedaes offers you a variety of alarms, allowing you to choose a system which best matches your requirements for technology, communication, size and features.

Atlas Copco Medical - Medipoint
BeaconMedaes Medipoint alarm systems are designed to monitor up to 6 gas services in the normal, high and low pressure conditions. They are suitable for installation into any location within a hospital.
Alarm panels are usually installed downstream of the area valve service units to provide local warnings of supply pressure/vacuum outside of the normal operating range.
Line contact monitoring circuits constantly monitor the integrity of the pressure sensors and interconnecting wiring.

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