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Breathing Air Purifiers

Breathing air purifiers turn compressed air into certified breathing air.

Breathtaking air quality

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High quality air is of vital importance to many industries, but nowhere as literally as in breathing air applications. The purity of the compressed air for breathing air is crucial to assure a safe working environment in a wide range of applications like asbestos removal, tank cleaning, sand blasting and others.
For this reason, Atlas Copco has designed the BAP breathing air purifier range. The BAP takes air from any regular compressor and treats it to become ultra clean. It consists of a number of components, which together, after proper commissioning, produce air with a quality matching the Pharmacopoeia that will comply with the European Norm EN 12021 (Compressed air for breathing apparatus).

Clean air in 5 stages

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  • A water separator (WSD) to eliminate free water from the compressed air. This ensure proper operation of the desiccant dryer.
  • Two coalescing filters (DD and PD) to remove contaminating particles and oil droplets.
  • A desiccant dryer (CD dryer) to lower the pressure dewpoint (PDP) to -40°C/-40°F. Dry air eliminates the risk of condensation and strongly reducing water-related problems like bacteria growth.
  • The QDT+ filters reduces hydrocarbons like oil vapor and smells to harmless levels. This active carbon tower also converts excessive concentrations of CO into CO2.
  • A particle filter (PDp filter) eleminates particles that may have migrated out of the desiccant dryer.
More on the working principal of the Breathing Air Purifiers? Download the leaflet:

More advantages to the BAP

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  • Compact system, offering reliable breathing air
  • Every BAP breathing air purifiers comes pre-assembled and tested to provide simple installation
  • Complying with the European Norm EN 12021 (Compressed air for breathing apparatus)
  • Challenge test to ensure the BAP meets international regulations

Breathing air purifiers comply to the European Pharmacopoeia

Open table
 EN 12021European PharmacopoeiaBreathable Air System air quality
CO2<500 ppm<500 ppm<220 ppm
CO<15 ppm< 5 ppm<1 ppm
SO2Not specified<1 ppm<0,2 ppm
NOXNot specified<2 ppm< 1ppm
Water vapor5°C below lowest temp. *ADP -45°C (-49°F)PDP -40°C (-40°F)
  PDP -31°C (-23°F) 
Oil vapor0,5 mg/m³<0,1 mg/m³<0,003 mg/m³
Dust particlesNot specifiedNot specified<00,1 ppm
Taste and odorWithout significant odor or tasteTaste and odor freeFree