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Medical Vacuum Plant

Atlas Copco's mVAC systems provide a highly reliable medical vacuum (suction) for a variety of applications, mainly in operating theaters, intensive care, emergency and respirology units.


mVAC 6000 with 6 vacuum pumps

An mVAC system consists of 2 to 6 air-cooled rotary vane type vacuum pumps and a central controller with an intelligent graphical user interface. The pumps can work independently to satisfy the required vacuum flow.

mVAC systems are suitable for both continuous and frequent start/stop operation. They keep the vacuum level at the point of connection as low as or lower than -600 mbar(e) / -450 mm Hg at all times.

Specific applications include:
  • Wound drainage
  • Assisted wound closure
  • Chest and lung drainage
  • Removal of excess blood during surgery
  • Collection of other bodily fluids
  • Gastric emptying
  • Cleaning endotracheal tubes
  • Liposuction (lipoplasty)


mVAC-6000_vaccuum pump.jpg
The mVAC system offers (multiple) backup supply in case of failure of individual functional components. The carbon composite material of Atlas Copco's mVAC pumps will not break down or wear out like laminated blades. If the central controller should fail, every pump has its own controller.

Every mVAC system is subject to comprehensive Quality Assurance controls, is fully tested prior to dispatch and therefore ensures there will not be service interruptions even in extreme circumstances.

Highly connectable


The mVAC 500, a tank-mounted version

Up to six vacuum pumps can be connected in one mVAC system, so even a large hospital always has a reliable vacuum to meet all its needs. Using AIRConnect™ Visualization you can connect to extensive monitoring and status information to get the most out of your mVAC system.

Your mVAC is installed, piped and wired as modular stacked components or as a tank-mounted unit. Every system is delivered with all interconnection piping and copper connections. The "plug and play" approach makes installing even easier.

Energy efficient

At Atlas Copco we always strive to provide the most energy-efficient solutions. For the mVAC we have opted for a multi-pump arrangement to better match the flow demand. In this arrangement, the advanced Elektronikon® Graphic controller maximizes energy efficiency by controlling the individual vacuum pumps and regulating the overall vacuum. Even wear is ensured at all times.

mVAC redundancy scheme

mVAC systems are always supplied with standby pumps.

Systems complying with HTM 02-01 and ISO 7396-1 are provided with at least two back-up pumps. In this case the design flow of a single system with three pumps is provided by a single pump.

mVAC systems complying with HTM 2022 are provided with at least one standby pump. The design flow of such a system with two pumps is provided by a single pump.

Having more pumps to tackle the load has more advantages than safety. The scheme demonstrates three different pump set-ups for the same flow. As more pumps are provided, the energy decreases.