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Media / Application stories / Collaboration between Frito Lay and Atlas Copco increases energy efficiency and promotes environmental awareness

Collaboration between Frito Lay and Atlas Copco increases energy efficiency and promotes environmental awareness


Wilrijk, Belgium, September 2013. Frito Lay, an affiliate of PepsiCo Foods, reinforced its leader position in environmental awareness, achieving an average of 30% energy efficiency and lower noise levels by choosing Atlas Copco screw blower technology for its water treatment facility.

PepsiCo Foods Turkey offers the best to the market and maximizes and adopts its environmental consciousness through optimizing its production environments aligned with its vision of environmental sustainability. Investing in water conservation, wastewater recycling, energy saving, energy generation and use of alternative energy resources, the company continues to operate in Turkey in 2 factories with water and energy consumption values below the European average. 

The technology choice

With its products contributing to sustainable efficient production, Atlas Copco is the desired solution partner as the provider of compressed air needs of Frito Lay facilities. All instrument and process air need of the production facility is provided by the high efficiency 100% oil-free screw compressor groups.  Economical and reliable operation target achieved by the screw technology played a significant role in the selection of blower technology to be used in the aeration tanks within the wastewater treatment facility.

Noise level as low as 70 dB(A) at one meter

No unexpected shutdown due to failure occurred since the first operation of the new ZS screw blower in 2010. Beyond this, an average of 30% energy efficiency achieved with the blower helped to significantly lower the operating costs of the wastewater treatment facility. The blowers operate for a minimum of 18 hours per day, seven days a week depending on the need of the facility. Currently, no protection is necessary inside the Treatment Facility’s blower room, where it was once required to wear protective earmuffs.  Noise level at one meter is as low as 70 dB(A) with the new ZS series screw blower. The ZS screw blower range gets full marks for customer satisfaction in terms of safety at work and environmental compatibility, contrary to the traditional lobe blower technology operating at higher noise levels.

30% more energy efficient

Offering energy efficiency, ZS screw blowers meet today’s carbon economy requirements, providing an average of 30% higher energy efficiency compared to traditional lobe technology. Atlas Copco launched the new ZS screw blower range, considering the fact that the traditional and commonly used lobe technology of today do not meet the requirement of low carbon economy.  Industries and applications including wastewater treatment, pneumatic conveying, energy generation, foods and beverages, pharmaceutical, chemistry, cellulose and paper, textile and general manufacturing achieve significant amounts of energy efficiency through adopting the innovative screw blower technology instead of the traditional lobe technology.  

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  • Contact: Ben Van Reybroeck, Product Manager Low Pressure of the Atlas Copco Oil-free air division. Email: or telephone: +32 3 870 47 56

PepsiCo is a leading player in the food and beverage industry with 22 different brands, each delivering over billion in retail sales, and with its annual sales of over million. The company is home to some of the world's most recognized and favorite brands including Quaker, Tropicana, Gatorade, Frito-Lay and Pepsi-Cola, producing hundreds of healthy and delicious foods and beverages that add a spice to the lives of consumers. People at PepsiCo are committed to achieve their sustainable growth target through investing in a healthier future for societies and the world, and ultimately helping PepsiCo to move towards a more successful future.  PepsiCo calls this commitment the “Performance For Benefit”. PepsiCo Foods Turkey (since 1993) and PepsiCo Beverages (since 2002) offer services to Turkish consumers with their quality and innovative products.     
Atlas Copco is an industrial group with world-leading positions in compressors, expanders and air treatment systems, construction and mining equipment, power tools and assembly systems. With innovative products and services, Atlas Copco delivers solutions for sustainable productivity. The company was founded in 1873, is based in Stockholm, Sweden, and has a global reach spanning more than 170 countries. In 2011, Atlas Copco had 37 500 employees and revenues of BSEK 81 (BEUR 9).
Atlas Copco’s Compressor Technique business area provides industrial compressors, gas and process compressors and expanders, air and gas treatment equipment and air management systems. It has a global service network and offers specialty rental services. Compressor Technique innovates for sustainable productivity in the manufacturing, oil and gas, and process industries. Principal product development and manufacturing units are located in Belgium, Germany, the United States, China and India.