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Media / Product and service news / Atlas Copco Tensor ST10 – the future of high-torque tightening

Atlas Copco Tensor ST10 – the future of high-torque tightening


Atlas Copco pushed the engineering boundaries with the design and capabilities of the popular Tensor S9 electric nutrunner. The new Tensor ST10 electric nutrunner opens up new possibilities for controlled, high-torque tightening for customers within the motor vehicle industry as well as the general industry.

Electric nutrunner Tensor ST10
Tensor ST10 represents a complete re-examination of the needs of today's manufacturing industries. It gives the extra performance that customers want - up to 30% greater torque and up to 80% more output speed. This can mean a considerable boost for productivity in an assembly operation.

Tensor ST10 also features a host of smart design features that add to its durability and reduce maintenance costs and downtime. Examples are the new spiral gears and the cooler-running motor with no fan. The new tool also has a smoother body design that's easier and quicker to integrate and install on the production line.

Tensor ST10 meets today's needs for intelligent tools that contribute to raising productivity while helping keep production costs down. Few products can match Tensor ST10 for its combination of productivity, ergonomics, error proofing and low maintenance.

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Atlas Copco Tools and Assembly Systems Motor Vehicle Industry Division

Atlas Copco Tools and Assembly Systems Motor Vehicle Industry is a division within Atlas Copco’s Industrial Technique business area. It markets hand-held electric and pneumatic tools, assembly systems, software and services to the automotive industry worldwide. It also offers global project management for multinational customers. The division is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.