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Media / Product and service news / Secoroc COPROD 3rd generation – increased stability and lower noise emission

Secoroc COPROD 3rd generation – increased stability and lower noise emission


Secoroc COPROD is Atlas Copco's patented system for high capacity bench drilling in demanding rock – a system that incorporates the hole straightness and hole quality of DTH drilling equipment with the high penetration rate of the tophammer system.

COPROD consists of two surface drilling rig platforms with five different drillstrings. ROC F9 CR is the smaller of the two rigs offering CR76 or CR89 drillstrings for blastholes ranging from 90-127 mm in diameter. ROC L740 CR, a second generation COPROD drilling rig, can be equipped with CR89, CR102, CR127 or CR 140 drillstrings. Translated into hole sizes, it means L740 CR can drill holes from 105mm to 180mm in size.

Patented plastic stabiliser

Secoroc COPROD 3rd Generation Complete

The new 3rd generation COPROD section

Always looking for ways to improve rock drilling equipment, Atlas Copco has developed the third generation COPROD drillstrings. The goal was to further improve hole straightness and reduce noise emission, so COPROD sections were scrutinised. And the solution was to remove the welded center guides in the drill tubes and replace them with a full length specially-design inner tube. This patented plastic stabiliser with its unique geometrical design acts as an inner lining, reducing vibrations in the COPROD tube while dramatically reducing noise levels.

Tried and tested

Field tests have shown that this reduction in noise has not only made the operator’s environment more pleasant, it also allows COPROD rigs to operate without causing unnecessary noise pollution.

Complete range available during 2010

The third generation COPROD drillstring is already available in COPROD 102 and 127 while the rest of the range will be launched during the second half of 2010.

For further information please contact:

Torbjorn Pettersson, Product Specialist COPROD,

Torbjorn Viberg, Market Communications Manager,
Atlas Copco Secoroc is a division within Atlas Copco’s Construction and Mining Technique business area. It develops, manufactures and markets rock drilling tools worldwide. Its products are used for rock excavation within the mining and construction business for both surface and underground applications. The division is headquartered in Fagersta, Sweden and has production in six continents.