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Atlas Copco presents the next generation on-site nitrogen generators


April 2015, Antwerp, Belgium –Atlas Copco will soon release the NGP+, the improved on-site nitrogen generator with PSA technology. This generator can simply be plugged in to an existing compressed air network and produces nitrogen with purities of up to 99,999%. Combined with Atlas Copco’s newest compressors, an on-site nitrogen installation with NGP+ can offer significant benefits compared to nitrogen in bulk or cylinders.

NGP 25

The new NGP+

On-site industrial gas generators offer a more sustainable and cost-efficient solution than gas delivered in cylinders or bulk liquid supply, which require transport, handling and resulting administration. A nitrogen generator such as the NGP+ simply plugs into an existing compressed air installation and offers an independent, reliable and flexible supply of nitrogen. Atlas Copco already offers a wide range of on-site gas solutions, but its new NGP+ sets new standards in efficiency. Bert Derom, Vice-president Marketing, comments: “An on-site nitrogen installation with NGP+ will dramatically increase our customer’s productivity and lower their energy consumption. The NGP+ is a pressure swing adsorption generator of the newest generation and when integrated in an energy-efficient compressed air network, it uses 50% less energy than the installations currently standard in the industry”.

Pressure Swing Adsorption for the highest purity

The NGP+ works with PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology: carbon molecular sieves (CMS) that adsorb oxygen molecules from compressed air. By using CMS of the highest quality and perfect tuning to the compressed air network, the NGP+ adsorbs more oxygen for the same input of compressed air. Its sensors and monitoring features ensure reliability, optimal performance and energy-efficiency. The NGP+ also comes with extensive features to easily adjust the nitrogen purity and pressure as well as remote monitoring. The NGP+ is available in flows from 1.6 to 172 l/s.

Full range of on-site gas solutions

Nitrogen separation

Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Technology

The NGP+ complements a full range of on-site gas solutions, including both nitrogen and oxygen generators. In nitrogen generators, both membrane and PSA technology are available and in both technologies, Atlas Copco offers low-investment entry models as well as high-end models that ensure the lowest energy cost. Especially for laser cutting and bottle filling applications, Atlas Copco will also launch a complete package with compressors, air treatment and nitrogen generators that delivers nitrogen at 350 bar.
More information on Atlas Copco's on-site gas solutions.

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