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Media / Product and service news / New compressors extend the Series 6 range from Atlas Copco

New compressors extend the Series 6 range from Atlas Copco


Atlas Copco has introduced seven new models for a wide variety of heavy duty applications; extending its Series 6 portable compressor range.

Seven new air compressors designed specifically for heavy duty applications such as sandblasting, quarries and ground consolidation have been introduced by Atlas Copco.

The silenced portable, single stage, oil injected rotary screw units extend the company's successful Series 6 range of compressors. They offer operation at a normal working pressure of between 7 bar (102 psig) and 14 bar (204 psig) with free air delivery rates of between 105 l/s (6.3 m3/min) - 185 l/s (11.1 m3/min). In total, seven new models are available for 7 bar (XA/S146 and -186); 10.3 bar (XATS156); 12 bar (XAHS106 and -146); and 14 bar (XAVS136) operation.

Three units are directly driven by a water cooled, turbo-charged 4-cylinder Deutz '1012 generation' diesel engine, with the other four powered by an intercooled version of the Deutz engine.

A modular design concept provides the end-users with the flexibility to add options to suit their specific demands. Furthermore, to meet the extended use of the compressor, the new unit features a new screw element designed for a lifetime of more than 10,000 working hours.

The compressor is available as a basic unsilenced/silenced product, which excludes axle, wheels and brakes. Option variants include fixed drawbar or adjustable towbar - both with or without brakes for fixed tow bar only; heavy duty jockey wheel; support leg; road signalisation; hook-up devices complying with DIN, Ball, Italian, NATO and AC specifications; and wheel chocks. The combination of options available for these variants include a support kit for units without undercarriage, tool lubricator, a selection of air quality equipment, (aftercooler, water separator, fine filters), spark arrestors/overspeed protection for refinery use, cold start kits for temperatures down to -20ÂșC, and non-standard colour finish.

All Series 6 compressors meet current and proposed EC legal requirements for the working environment, and comply with international safety, exhaust emission and noise regulations, making them ideal for operation in built-up or residential areas.

Built and tested to Atlas Copco's stringent manufacturing standards - equivalent to ISO 9001 quality assurance standards - the units are designed to perform in the most demanding conditions.

An optional generator is also available with the XA/S146 unit, to simultaneously supply electrical power for, for example, fusion welding, light poles, cabin heating, instrumentation and electrical power tools, and is rated at 12 kVA, 230/400 V at 50 Hz.

Atlas Copco's well proven stepless regulating system ensures reliable and economic operation, while built-in safety devices automatically shutdown if the engine oil pressure is too low or the oil temperature too high; if the engine coolant level is too low; or if the compressor air/oil temperature is too high.

The compressor is enclosed in a strong, sectional steel body with gas spring-activated doors providing easy access for routine maintenance. The body is also coated with cathodic yellow paint and the base frame is black powder-coated ensuring high corrosion resistance.

Atlas Copco supplies one in three of every portable air compressor used in the world. This remarkable sales record is the result of years of technological leadership in compressed air. With advanced research and development, the world's largest dedicated compressor manufacturing plant, and proven applications around the world, Atlas Copco can provide the complete solution for all compressed air requirements.

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