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Reverse circulation drilling rigs

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  • Explorac 100

    Reverse circulation drilling rig

    Atlas Copco’s new Explorac 100 rig is designed specifically for reverse circulation drilling. It is suitable for exploration drilling to depths of 100–200 meters and has a lifting capacity of 10.5 tons. The Explorac 100 reverse circulation drilling rig is based on well-proven technology. It has a...

  • Explorac 235

    Reverse circulation drilling rigs

    Explorac reverse circulation drilling rigs were developed in cooperation with exploration professionals. Every component has been carefully designed to provide excellent drilling results and to meet demands from contractors, miners and geologists – while ensuring operator safety and minimum...

  • RD10+

    RD10+ is designed for deep hole RC drilling

    Deep hole reverse circulation drilling rig The well proven and dependable RD10+ is designed for deep hole RC drilling. With a pullback capacity of 445 kN (100000 lbf) it can be used to access mineral deposits around 1200 m (4000 ft) deep. Atlas Copco knows that to consistently...

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