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Explorac 235: Reverse circulation drilling rigs

All the power you need for medium-depth exploration drilling

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Explorac reverse circulation drilling rigs were developed in cooperation with exploration professionals. Every component has been carefully designed to provide excellent drilling results and to meet demands from contractors, miners and geologists – while ensuring operator safety and minimum environmental impact.

The Explorac 235 rig meets all the challenges of exploration with reverse circulation. While designed specifically for reverse circulation drilling to depths of 300-400 meters, the rig can easily be adapted for other down-the-hole drilling.

The Explorac 235 rig is available for assembly on a truck or crawler chassis.

Features & benefits

  • A new rod handler developed by Atlas Copco
  • 35 bar air pressure
  • A new and improved rig control system, RCS4

Technical description

Technical data

Technical Specifications
Height4300 mm
Width3000 mm
Length11900 mm
Weight33000 kg
Pull force220 kN
Compressor pressure35 bar
Compressor air delivery 555 l/s
Max torque14000 Nm
Available on crawlerYes

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Lina Jorheden

+254 (0) 703054000

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