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Elemex Retrievable ring bit system for DTH

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    Atlas Copco Elemex offers a retrievable ring bit system for DTH drilling. With the new Elemex overburden drilling and casing system, Atlas Copco gives you all the benefits of DTH drilling—high productivity, straight and deep holes—without risking air leakage or over-drilling, which can cause damage to surrounding structures. Thanks to Elemex's unique design, the flow and direction of the compressed air is under control. This means that you can take on the most sensitive and challenging projects in foundation construction. The three main components of the Elemex system are A pilot bit that drills the center part of the hole and guides the drill string. A casing shoe welded to the casing pipe, which is pulled down by the impact of the hammer and pilot bit. A symmetrical ring bit. There are two different assemblies offered by Atlas Copco for the system components. For setup one all three above mentioned components should be ordered. Setup two consits of a factory assembled ring bit set (integrated ring bit and casing shoe) and a pilot bit.

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