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CMO Series - Internally upset drill rod

The CMO internally upset rods are lighter in weight, allowing drilling companies to achieve greater depths without losing the MO thread’s outstanding capabilities. The internally upset 'CMO' series rods maintain the normal outside diameter over its entire length and standard
wall thickness at the threaded ends where it is required. The inside diameter gradually increases achieving a thinner wall thickness in the mid-body. The benefits for the end user are primarily that greater depths can be achieved in a nominal diameter. This provides greater
flexibility in rig utilization and core barrel selection when the limitations of depth are determined by machine pull back force. Lighter drill rods are easier on people and machinery. A thinner mid body design provides a more flexible wireline drill rod when
end users require the same.

Features & benefits

  • Greater flexibility in rig utilization
  • Cost-effective
  • Ultimate on-the-job productivity levels

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