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Parceiros comerciais

Working with suppliers, subcontractors, agents and distributors plays a crucial role in safeguarding Atlas Copco’s reputation and brand.

The goal is to work with business partners committed to high ethical, environmental and social standards.

Minimizing the potential risk of violations of the Business Code of Practice is very important when selecting and evaluating a business partner. They play an integrated role in achieving the Group’s goals. The aim is to support business partners in raising their standards when possible.

Supplier evaluations

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Business partners are evaluated during and after selection. The supplier evaluation process includes business partners’ use of energy and related carbon dioxide emissions, water use, business integrity, respect of human rights and labor practices. Group companies report quantitative data on evaluated, approved and rejected suppliers and those requiring further improvement in their practices.

With the aim to raise awareness of Atlas Copco’s Business Code of Practice among its business partners, an e-learning training* has been developed.