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The goal is that there should be no incidence of corruption or bribes within its operations.

The Business Code of Practice includes zero tolerance of bribes and corruption, including facilitation payments

Håkan Osvald
Awareness of, and compliance with, principles of honesty and high integrity in all its business dealings is a priority for Atlas Copco.

The company works actively to prevent, detect and respond to potential corruption cases. The Group also supports fair competition and refuse to enter into discussions or agreements with competitors concerning pricing or market sharing. Business gifts or hospitality are offered or accepted only in accordance with local legislation and business practices. Internal control procedures are set up to minimize the risk of corruption and bribes.

Guidance documents and training materials are available to help employees meet the commitments in the Business Code of Practice. All employees receive training in the Code and managers must take an in depth classroom training with dilemma discussions. All managers also have to take an e-learning course on corruption developed by the UN Global Compact, before signing the Business Code of Practice compliance statement. Take the training!*

Reporting of violations

The ethical helpline on Group level can be used by employees to report behavior or actions that are, or may be perceived as, violations of laws or the Business Code of Practice. The ethical helpline process is a complement to similar local processes.

The Group Legal Counsel is responsible for managing the reports and it ensures that they are treated confidentially. The person reporting is guaranteed anonymity. The e-mail address to the ethical helpline is