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Atlas Copco publishes second edition of Power Tools Ergonomics book


“When you select a hand-held power tool, you not only influence the task the tool is intended to perform, but also the operator’s work situation and the entire work environment. Combined, these factors have a major influence on operator health, safety and productivity.” This is the central theme of the second edition of Power Tool Ergonomics, a book evaluating power tools from an ergonomic standpoint, published by Atlas Copco.

Ergonomi boken
The first edition of Power Tool Ergonomics was written by ergonomist Bo Lindqvist and published by Atlas Copco in January 1997. It was welcomed by automakers and other large manufacturing operations in Europe and the USA.

Revised second edition

Published this month, the second edition of Power Tool Ergonomics has been revised and updated by Lars Skogsberg, Manager, Product Ergonomics, Atlas Copco Tools and Assembly Systems.
”The evaluation method developed by Bo Lindqvist and presented in this book represents a significant contribution to the science of power tool ergonomics,” says Lars Skogsberg. “To my knowledge, it’s the only book that covers the entire spectrum of ergonomic factors relating to power tools and their use in the workplace.” 
In addition to reviewing the physical design of the main types of power tool from an ergonomic standpoint, Power Tool Ergonomics examines operator stressors, including vibration, noise, dust and oil. It also examines the various types of workstation and the relationship between the ergonomics of workstation design and the economics of the production unit. 
Later in the book, one example of each of the main types of power tool is examined and the magnitudes of ergonomic factors are presented in a diagram for each tool. An evaluation of each factor is provided.
Comprising four main components, Atlas Copco’s Advanced Fastening Technology is designed to reduce costs and cut lead times throughout the product development cycle.

Valuable tool for ergonomists

Lars Skogsberg points out that, with its broad spectrum of information, the book is a valuable reference tool for ergonomists. “Manufacturing operations are now returning to line production and ergonomists are increasingly brought into the project at an early stage. Instead of solving problems as they arise, their role is often preventive. They are consulted on workstation design, tool selection, and the planning of individual operations on the production line.”
With the help of ergonomists, plant managers are calculating the profitability gains that can be achieved by improving ergonomics and working conditions in the workplace. Significant elements are ergonomically designed tools and workstations, reduction of repetitive tasks, good working postures on the production line, and healthy working conditions in the plant.
Lars Skogsberg: “The aim is to eliminate factors that can contribute to low individual productivity and poor quality. In turn, quality related costs such as rejects and customer badwill are reduced. Likewise, preventing work-related injuries and disorders eliminates costs arising from sick leave, rehabilitation and training of replacement personnel.”
Productivity starts with people and is closely connected to their working conditions, health and safety. Power Tool Ergonomics is a valuable reference work for plant managers and production planners in a broad spectrum of manufacturing operations.
Please contact your local Atlas Copco Tools and Assembly Systems representative to get a copy of the book.

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