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Atlas Copco launches deep mine rock bolt that adapts to movements underground


A new type of rock bolt that can adapt to rock deformation or displacement underground, while maintaining a constant load capacity, has been developed by Atlas Copco.

Atlas Copco’s commitment to safer and more productive solutions in ground engineering and rock reinforcement has resulted in Roofex – a new type of deep mine rock bolt that adapts itself to various types of rock movement.
Following in the footsteps of Swellex rock bolts and MAI self-drilling anchors, the Roofex deep mine rock bolt fulfils the need for effective bolting in difficult underground applications such as tunnelling in squeezing ground or deep mining in poor quality rock.

The new bolt is a high quality steel bar inside a smooth plastic sheathing which is fixed inside the borehole with cement or resin grout. The bolt also has a patented energy absorber which functions as a sliding element over the high quality steel bar. This allows the bolt to extend outwards under load while still ensuring that the load capacity remains constant.  In this way, the bolt can absorb sudden displacements such as rock burst or seismic events.

This makes the Roofex especially suitable for developing new, deep underground excavations in poor quality rock or in areas where rock burst or seismic events are frequent. The bolt can be produced in standard lengths typically used in mining and tunnelling, and the displacement capacity can be pre-selected during manufacturing.

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High resolution photos can be downloaded from:
  • Picture 400890: Three products that represent Atlas Copco innovation in rock reinforcement – (from left), the new Roofex deep mining rock bolt, the MAI self-drilling anchor (SDA) and the Swellex rock bolt.
  • Picture 400889: Roofex, the latest rock bolting concept from Atlas Copco is ideal for new, deep underground excavations in poor quality rock or in areas prone to rock burst or seismic events.
  • Picture 400892: The components and functions of Roofex
  • Picture 400891: How the Roofex works. The energy absorber is fixed in the borehole and enables the bolt to extend under load. In this way, the bolt adapts to slow rock deformation or sudden displacement while retaining a constant, pre-set load capacity.  

Divisão Atlas Copco Craelius

A Atlas Copco Craelius é uma divisão que se insere na área de negócios Técnica de Construção e Exploração Mineira da Atlas Copco. Desenvolve, fabrica e comercializa equipamento para perfuração de exploração e equipamento de perfuração. Esta divisão tem sede em Märsta, na Suécia, e a sua produção está organizada em centros de competência especializados na América do Norte, Europa, África e Ásia.