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HardHat™ enclosures introduced for Atlas Copco generators


Following the success and demand for its HardHat™ canopy on the Series 7 compressor range, Atlas Copco is introducing the canopy for selected generating sets.

The successful HardHat™ canopy available on Atlas Copco’s Series 7 range of compressors is to be introduced for two ranges of QAX generating sets; the QAX 12-20-30 (50 Hz) and the QAX 24-35 (60 Hz). The product synergies between the Series 7 compressor and QAX generator are now very similar with many of the mechanical options being common for both the compressor and generator.
The HardHat™ canopy has been designed to eliminate corrosion problems generally associated with metal canopies.
It is also high impact, crack resistant and retains a high residual resale value and minimizes impact on the environment.
The QAX ranges of generating sets have been designed to meet the basic electrical demands of rental fleet, construction applications and the public utility sectors.
The QAX 12-20-30, rated at 12 kVA, 20 kVA and 30 kVA  (9.6 kW–24 kW) at 50Hz and  QAX24 - 35, rated at 24 kVA and 35 kVA (19kW and 20 kW) at 60 Hz are powered by 3-cylinder Deutz diesel engines which, for the 50 Hz models, comply with noise and emissions legislation meeting EED  Stage 2.
Full compliance with the latest European Outdoor Noise Directive (OND) make the sets ideal for operation in residential areas and even suitable for using at night in noise sensitive locations.
The new HardHat enclosure features include standard Qc1002 remote start control panel, analogue meters, adjustable earth leakage protection with earth pin, emergency stop, complete socket panel protected by dedicated circuit breakers on 50 Hz versions and a terminal board on 60 Hz versions.

The new housing is particularly ideal for construction site and rental applications.

Produced in UN-approved and recyclable material, the hard corrosion free canopy retains its appearance even after a couple of years usage and does not require replacement of parts to renew the canopy; minimizing its impact on the environment and ensuring an increased residual value.
The HardHat™ canopy is produced in recyclable LMDPE (linear medium density polyethalene) and is the same material approved for use with chemical containers, boats, toys and other applications.
It is fully UV stabilized, contains long tem antioxidants and is resistant to low and high temperatures.
The HardHat™ version is significantly lighter than the metal enclosure and offers a more attractive and enhanced appearance.


Atlas Copco has developed a full range of Aftermarket Solutions to ensure the highest productivity and lowest cost of ownership.
They range from maintenance kits for pre-determined service intervals to full coverage service agreements.
The specific operational set-up and customer needs will determine the most cost effective solution.
With many years experience Atlas Copco can determine the most optimized service request.  Atlas Copco’s well trained service technicians are able to check the operation condition of the equipment under all circumstances thereby preventing failures and costly down-time by proactively replacing wear components.
Atlas Copco’s commitment to quality and reliability can be backed up with an extended warranty program.

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Divisão Portable Air

A Portable Air é uma divisão que se insere na área de negócios Técnica de Compressores da Atlas Copco. Desenvolve, fabrica e comercializa compressores de ar portáteis com injecção de óleo e isentos de óleo e geradores para energia principal e de reserva em todo o mundo, de diversas marcas, para as indústrias de construção e geral. A divisão também serve clientes em mercados geográficos e segmentos da indústria seleccionados no que respeita a soluções de ar temporário e aluguer de energia. A sede da divisão e o principal centro de produção estão localizados em Antuérpia, na Bélgica.