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Atlas Copco goes green with new range of electric loaders and trucks


Atlas Copco is launching a range of underground loaders and trucks with electricity as the primary power source. The new range, introduced as The Green Line, includes seven products: two electric underground trucks, four electric underground loaders and a new portable generator.

The underground mining industry is currently facing numerous challenges regarding energy efficiency, carbon emissions and environmental footprints. To help meet these demands, Atlas Copco is now offering a complete “green” range of underground electric trucks and loaders, making the company the world’s leading supplier of low-emission underground mining equipment. 
“With these new products, we are ready to be part of the global solution for reduced environmental impact”, says David Shellhammer, President, Underground Rock Excavation division at Atlas Copco. “We are especially proud to be the only supplier of underground electric trucks, and I believe this development marks the beginning of a change in the mining industry.”

100% diesel emission-free operation

Electric Scooptram EST14

The new Atlas Copco Electric Scooptram EST14

The range of electric underground loaders consists of two new loaders, Electric Scooptram EST1030 and EST14, in addition to the existing Electric Scooptram EST2D and EST3.5 – all 100% diesel emission-free. 
“By replacing a 10 tonne diesel loader with the Atlas Copco Electric Scooptram EST1030 you can actually lower your annual emissions equal to 140 cars”, says Erik Svedlund, Product Manager at Atlas Copco. “Besides the fact that the electric loaders don’t consume any diesel, they require a minimum of ventilation.” 
Built on the successful Atlas Copco Scooptram platform and driven with highly efficient electric motors, the new loaders consume less energy, generate less heat and have a lower noise level than diesel loaders. The result is lower running costs, less environmental impact and better working environment.
A new portable generator, Gentrail GT325, simplifies transportation of the electric Scooptram loader, which becomes a one-man-job. With a tramming capacity ranging from 3.6 up to 14 tonnes, there is one size for every application.

Doubled the speed

Electric Minetruck EMT50

The new Atlas Copco Electric Minetruck EMT50

The new electric underground trucks, Electric Minetruck EMT35 and EMT50, with a load capacity of 35 and 50 tonnes respectively, are about twice as fast as any diesel truck in that capacity range, making them the world’s most productive trucks.
Erik Svedlund explains: “Looking at the cost per tonne, using an electric underground truck can almost double the productivity while decreasing the total cost of ownership by up to 50%.” 
At the same time, the electric trucks reduce energy consumption by up to 70%. High efficiency electric motors drive the axles directly, minimizing transmission losses. Regenerative braking returns the energy to the grid meaning that about 30 % of the energy consumed up the ramp is regenerated going back down.

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Electric Scooptram EST14
Electric Minetruck EMT50

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