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Atlas Copco’s Minetruck MT42 gets major upgrade


The popular 42-tonne truck from the Atlas Copco Minetruck range looks set to embark on another successful journey following a major upgrade for increased productivity, safety and sustainability.

Minetruck MT42

Atlas Copco’s popular Minetruck MT42 has been upgraded with a range of new features for optimizing its productivity as well as meeting emission regulations

Atlas Copco’s Minetruck MT42 was introduced to the market in 2009, and has since been a faithful workhorse for mines around the world. Now a range of new improvements has given this 42-tonne capacity vehicle the means to beat its own high productivity record.

The most striking upgrades are a newly designed box with an innovative tailgate solution and a new engine alternative fulfilling engine emission regulations.

New box with tailgate
The new box is made of high strength steel. It has the same physical envelope size as the previous model, but with a reduced dump height. The geometry is new with optimized internal plate angles, making it easier for material to be released.

In addition, the new box is equipped with an innovative tailgate, which acts as a spill guard. The tailgate folds down automatically behind the box before dumping without affecting either ground clearance or visibility for the rear view camera. The gate is hydraulically operated and the status of the gate’s position is presented for the operator on the display in the cabin.

Minetruck MT42

The innovative tailgate solution folds down behind the box before dumping without affecting either ground clearance or visibility for the rear view camera.

Tier 4 final engine
The new engine alternative for Minetruck MT42, the Cummins QSX15, meets the exhaust emission requirements of both EPA Tier 4 final and EU Stage IV, moving forward to meet near-zero emission levels. Compared to Tier 3 emission levels the new engine represents a 90 percent reduction for both PM (particulate matter) and NOx (nitrogen oxides).

The engine installation is fully integrated into the design of the Minetruck MT42 and the Atlas Copco’s Rig Control System, RCS. As an example, the status of the particulate filter and the level of the diesel exhaust fluid tank can be monitored on the display in the cabin.

The engine alternative is only suitable for markets with supply of Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD), and low ash engine oil.

Retarder for higher speed
The Minetruck MT42 is also prepared for an optional electromagnetic retarder braking system. When hauling downhill, the retarder creates resistance and retardation, providing wear-free braking. Under the right conditions it can also allow for a higher speed, resulting in increased productivity. This solution can be especially useful in applications with a high degree of haulage downhill with load, such as haulage of waste rock fill or in cut and fill applications.

 “All these new features make this truck even better when it comes to productivity, safety, reliability and sustainability”, says Marcus Lundbergh, Product Manager at Atlas Copco. “It’s all about moving as much ore as possible in a safe and controlled manner and the upgraded Minetruck MT42 is unmatched in doing that.” 

Atlas Copco says it will be ready to start deliveries of the new Minetruck MT42 in 2015.

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