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Atlas Copco introduces third generation of GX 7-11 series to small compressed air users


Continuous innovation is one of Atlas Copco’s commitments to customers. The third generation of GX 7-11 compressors is the latest example. The new GX 7-11 series is efficient, has a very low noise level and is available in six different voltages.

GX 11
The new GX 7-11 compressors are the most efficient units in the GX range that Atlas Copco has ever launched. With a range of 12.3 l/s to 27.8 l/s (26 cfm to 59 cfm), its FAD (Free Air Delivery) has been improved up to 5.7% compared with the previous generation. All pressure variants are kept to meet all customers’ requirements. For 50 Hz, three discharge pressure variants 7.5, 10 and 13 bar are available. For 60 Hz, four discharge pressure variants 100, 125, 150 and 175 psi are available.

The new GX 7-11 series keeps the successful combination of GX variants: pack floor mounted, full feature floor mounted, pack tank mounted and full feature tank mounted. However, the footprint of this latest GX 7-11 range is 2 to 12% smaller.

The innovative canopy with sound absorption material reduces the noise level of the new GX 7-11 range by 2 dBA on all variants. Its 65-68 dBA sound level is almost the same as that of a household air conditioner. This outstanding feature allows the customer to install the compressor anywhere next to the operator. Combined with an integrated dryer and filter, the new GX 7-11 is so compact and complete that it not only supplies high quality compressed air but also helps customers to save a lot of installation costs.

On this new GX 7-11 series, Atlas Copco also introduces a new controller: the Elektronikon 001. This regulator can optimize the control of the compressor according to distinguished different air demands for higher energy efficiency and reliability. Its indications also provide much more information that brings convenience of operation and maintenance.

The new GX 7-11 is a truly global compressor range. It is available in six different voltages, with both single phase and three phase electric motors and various pressure vessel approvals. The new design ensures its proper operation in an ambient temperature as high as 46°C (114.8F) so that it can be used almost anywhere in the world.

Brought by the world’s leading compressor manufacturer, the new GX 7-11 will undoubtedly extend the success of its predecessor as it delivers all features with an impressive list of added benefits.

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