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Hydraulic breaker delivers a 30 % time saving in Australian quarry


An Atlas Copco HB 3000 hydraulic breaker is used in the Mountain View Quarry at Port Wilson near Melbourne for oversize breaking purposes. A job for which another breaker of the same size took two shifts is now done by the HB 3000 in one and a third shifts. This frees up significant resources needed for other work in the quarry.

Mountain View Quarry is a basalt quarry located just behind the Avalon Airport near Melbourne. Owned and operated by the Barro Group of Companies, the quarry is one of the nine Barro quarries in the Melbourne region. The basalt from the Mountain View Quarry is used for aggregate and road base for the many construction works in and around Melbourne.

The HB 3000, attached to a CAT 350 excavator, has been in operation for 18 months. Like most quarries, Barro uses its HB 3000 to break through the metres of oversize left after a blast.

Apart from the time saving effect, the quarry is also saving on maintenance costs. According to Paul Riemer, quarry manager at Port Wilson, after nearly 11 months of continuous use the quarry started to get concerned about the lack of maintenance. “We got the breaker serviced but found that there was nothing wrong with it. We only replaced the bush to keep it going for another year,” said Riemer.

Mountain View Quarry’s HB 3000 is fitted with the automatic lubrication system ContiLube ® II, a feature which Riemer is particularly impressed with. Where in the past the company had to rely on the operator to grease the breaker by hand, a grease cartridge is now inserted and the breaker is automatically supplied with the proper amount of grease.

The breaker is also set on AutoStop so that it is automatically turned off to prevent any damaging idle blows. The dreadful blanking noise which comes from the piston of the hammer hitting nothing has stopped. “With every blow of the breaker rock is broken. People working around the breaker are amazed how quiet this unit is,” concludes Paul Riemer.