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Cobra — the well proven petrol drill and breaker


The petrol driven Cobra is a well established name in the market and is known to be a reliable tool for smaller construction jobs. When launching the new Cobra mk1 in 1997, a complete new design was introduced, with improved features and better operator comfort.

Cobra mk1 offers the highest power-to-weight-ratio among petrol driven breakers available on the market. High blow energy in combination with low vibrations makes Cobra mk1 an outstanding, high performance breaker.

Cobra TT is an adaptation of the Cobra mk1 which is specially designed for tie tamping. It works at a relatively high frequency and the impact energy has been optimized to help prevent pulverization of the ballast.

A new combined drill/breaker was introduced in 2003–the Cobra Combi. Compared with the previous models, it has several improvements made to meet both the new European and US environmental directives concerning noise and emission, as well as the operators’ demand of ergonomic design for better user comfort.

The Cobra Standard, was launched in 2005, and is the latest addition in the Cobra family. It has breaker capacity only and is perfect for tie-tamping, small road and repair jobs such as cutting, digging and compacting of smaller areas. It is also suitable for different types of driving applications, such as fencing, rods, earth anchors, poles and spikes.

With no need of compressors, hoses or cables the Cobra machines are ideal for small and quick jobs, as they are easy to transport and give the user full flexibility wherever being used.

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