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Barnes Named Communications Manager at Atlas Copco Wagner Inc.



Portland, OR. - Atlas Copco Wagner, Inc. has named industry veteran Wendell ‘Buzz’ Barnes communications manager. Barnes replaces Erika Kelly, who recently left the company.

Barnes began working at Atlas Copco Wagner in 1975 as the manager of advertising and sales promotion. Since then he has held several different positions within the company, focusing on products, marketing and sales in the Pacific region. Most recently, Barnes served as the small scoops product manager and sales support manager for the Pacific region and Eastern Europe. Barnes also was a product manager for underground mine trucks and the area sales manager for the Pacific Region.

In Barnes’ 24 years with Atlas Copco Wagner, he traveled extensively to market products all over the world and speak directly with the customers. His knowledge of customers, marketing and sales has helped develop the products that shape Atlas Copco Wagner today.

Barnes hit the ground running when he began as communications director in January. He began developing ads and inserts, instituting an internal employee newspaper and revamping the company’s communications program.

Based in Portland, Oregon, Atlas Copco Wagner Inc. is a worldwide supplier of four-wheel drive, diesel powered, articulated underground mining vehicles, including Scooptrams and Mine Trucks. The company manufactures more than 40 standard and optional loaders, trucks and specialty vehicles for coal mines.

The manufacturing facilities of Atlas Copco Wagner are located at 4424 NE 158th Ave., Portland, OR 97230-4999. For information call Atlas Copco Wagner at 503-255-2863 or fax 503-251-3014.