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New range of ESD approved screwdrivers


Atlas Copco addresses the problem of electrostatic discharge (ESD) with a special range of re-designed air powered and low voltage electric screwdrivers offering ESD protection. The range includes the well-known small standard LUM 10 and LUM 21 air-powered screwdrivers and Eliza low-voltage electric screwdrivers.<BR>

ESD is a major cause of damage to electronic devices. Industrial screwdrivers used for assembly operations in the electronics industry must be selected with ESD protection in mind.

The new Atlas Copco ESD certified screwdrivers have anti-static housings made of high quality, “worm” dissipative plastics and the bits are connected to ground potential. The air-powered models are fitted with dual-function hoses (the inner layer is conductive and the outer layer anti-static). Controllers, cables and transformers for the electric screwdrivers are also certified for use in electrostatic protected areas (EPA) according to the IEC standard.