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MicroTorque screwdriver robot ensures consistently high quality in low torque production


Specially developed for use in small electronics device manufacturing, the MicroTorque screwdriver robot station from Atlas Copco is a compact, highly efficient solution for lean cell production. The station is available with a choice of two screwdriver systems.

The user-friendly MT Focus 400 system with auto-set functionality is partnered with fixtured MT Digitork tools. The top-of-the-line MT G4 system features advanced functionality and can be used with MT transducerized tools, which offer traceability and accuracy, or with Digitork tools.

Lower production costs

The robot screwdriver station enables customers in the electronics industry to reduce the number of operators and thus labor costs.

An optimized assembly cell layout could, for instance, consist of five operators and two screwdriver robots instead of seven operators. Since operator influence on the final tightening result is minimized, the screwdriver robot also cuts costs for operator training.

Fast, accurate, and offering stable quality

Accurate tightening operations with stable quality output and the potential to speed up cycle times are other benefits offered by the MicroTorque robot screwdriver station. Pick-and-place screw feeding utilizes reliable vacuum screw pick-up, and the screw presenter is refilled without opening the station or stopping operation.

An intuitive user interface with touch screen MiniDisplay, features clear operator feedback with OK/NOK tightening, screw counting data collection and maintenance alarms. The station offers good access for maintenance.

The versatility to suit all applications
For flexible adaptation to customers’ applications, some components of the system are available “off the shelf”, while some are adapted to match specific requests. The complete solution can easily be replicated for other stations, or other sites, to ensure a consistent level of productivity and quality for customers with more than one production operation.

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