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„Whatever gets between those grapples is held absolutely tight“


is what Abram Block, excavator operator of Messrs. Hagedorn GmbH from Gütersloh is saying about the new Atlas Copco <BR> MG 1900 Multi Grapple. Block was testing the unit which is part of a completely new series of grapples and was very pleased with its performance: „The work can be easily surveyed, the grapple gets into every corner and the power to jaw opening to grapple width ratio is also OK.“

With the MG 1900 from the Essen-based Atlas Copco Construction Tools the engineers are resolutely pursuing their course: less movable parts, minimizing possible sources of malfunctions, cutting down the maintenance costs and reducing downtimes for the operator.

One of the logical consequences of this orientation is the concept of using only one central hydraulic cylinder to reduce possible malfunction sources and improve reliability.

The grapples have a straightforward design and plates with elongated holes to prevent the rubble from getting stuck. Two cutting blades on each side which can be easily and quickly reversed 3 times. Amply dimensioned bearings provide a stable support and ensure grapple applications with minimum wear.

The housing, too, has been modified: simple in construction it gives the multi grapple the robustness it needs for daily work.

And the rotation gear has also been improved: an oil directing plate integrates both connections so that hose couplings are no longer needed on the inside of the rotation gear.

With a 350 bar static end pressure the MG 1900 fulfills the demands which modern carrier units make on attachments.

The MG 1900 replaces the MG 2200 D.