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New face drilling rig Rocket Boomer S1 D makes its debut in 2007


The Rocket Boomer 281 has since the beginning of the 1990s been one of Atlas Copco's most popular face drilling rigs: a durable, strong, and reliable work horse for cross sections up to 31 m2. After more than 15 years it is now time for a worthy successor to make its debut: the Rocket Boomer S1 D.

Rocket Boomer S1 D
Rocket Boomer S1 D, a direct controlled, one boom face drilling rig for mining applications, will be launched in the middle of 2007. This rig incorporates the new, faster rock drill, the COP 2238, having an impact power of 22 kW. The COP 2238 is a further development of the COP 1838-series, well-known for its high performance, reliability and long service life of drilling consumables.
"Rocket Boomer S1 D equipped with COP 2238 sets a new record in productivity for small Boomer rigs. Tests in Swedish granite show up to 20% increase in penetration rate compared to the COP 1838 ME used on the Rocket Boomer 281", says Morgan Kanflod, Product Manager Face Drilling Equipment, Atlas Copco.

Rocket Boomer S1 D
Just a quick glance at Rocket Boomer S1 D reveals that Atlas Copco has taken a large step from the traditional way of designing small face drilling rigs. The new rig has a modern and ergonomic design, which makes it user friendly for both operators and maintenance personnel. For instance, the operator's panel is vertically adjustable and all service points are easily accessible.
The Rocket Boomer S1 D can optionally be furnished with a FOPS-approved cabin instead of a protective roof. This ergonomic cabin, having an interior sound level below 80 dB(A), can be equipped with a swingable and adjustable pivot seat, air conditioner, heater and a CD player. 

Rocket Boomer S1 D
Thanks to the stronger boom and carrier, which can cope with higher load, the new rig offers the possibility to add optional equipment such as rod adding system and drill steel support. The mobility is improved thanks to higher tramming speed and more ground clearance compared to its predecessor, the Rocket Boomer 281. Other features are the longer electric cable and the possibility to insert a water hose reel onto the rig. This means fewer connections and extensions of cables and hoses. Consequently the time spent on moving the rig from face to face can be substantially reduced.
"In addition to the more powerful rock drill COP 2238, an important feature is also the new cabin, which sets a new standard for small mining drill rigs in terms of both ergonomic and safety aspects", concludes Morgan Kanflod.

For further information please contact:

  • Morgan Kanflod, Product Manager Face Drilling Equipment
    +46 (0)19 670 75 16, +46 (0)73 270 62 87
  • Anna Herrgard, Communications Professional Tunnelling and Mining Equipment 
    +46 (0)19 670 73 82, +46 (0)73 326 73 82   

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