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New Qc4001TM provides paralleling functions, synchronisation between generating sets and the mains plus the option for remote monitoring and control via telephone or Internet.

Atlas Copco has introduced a new top-of-the-range control panel for its QIX, QAS and QAC generating set ranges. The Qc4001TM is a microprocessor-based system designed to form an integral part of the generating set.

Standard functions include set-to-set synchronisation of up to 16 units, automatic mains failure detection, active and reactive load sharing, and mains paralleling with special functions for peak lopping and no-break mains return.

An LCD panel displays voltage, current, power outputs, engine status and service parameters and shows a history of the 150 most recent start / stop events. Viewing information and programming is facilitated by a simple scroll through menu using clearly marked navigation buttons.

Spare programmable inputs within the panel allow users to define their own personal shut down or warning limits. These may include low oil pressure, high coolant temperature, low fuel level, under/over generator voltage and engine under/overspeed for instance.

The Qc4001TM is available with an optional integrated analogue or digital modem and remote monitoring software. This means that a service technician, operator or anyone else with the authorised access is able to monitor and control the system from anywhere in the world using a fixed or mobile telephone network or via the Internet. Alternatively the control panel can be linked to a network using Modbus, Canbus or Profibus communications protocols.

The Qc4001TM is the fourth model in the Qc range of control panels.

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