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Secoroc Magnum SR – the universal tool for drifting and tunneling


As underground drill rigs and rock drills become increasingly powerful and the rounds longer, drill strings are under far greater stress than ever before. This means that drillers using conventional rock drilling tools run the risk of drill string breakage, loss of holes and costly downtime. Atlas Copco Secoroc, as a leader in rock drilling tools, have long understood the risks and problems. The first solution was introduced already 6 years ago when the Secoroc Magnum SR35 drill string system started to be used and showed it was in a class by itself. Today, the Secoroc Magnum range has grown to be a universal tool for all drifting and tunnelling applications.

When first introduced, the Magnum SR35 was an instant success on the world market. Magnum SR28 and Magnum SR32 drill strings were introduced the next couple of years and also favourably received by the market.
Says Mr. Sture Stenquist, Product Line Manager – Secoroc Top hammer Equipment.
-”The success came as no surprise after all the testing that we had done before the introductions. The patented conical thread design allowed us to use rods with larger cross-sections and still supply drill bits for the required small hole sizes. We have through Magnum SR reinforced the whole drill string design by adding innovative solutions and more material where it is really needed.”
The result – Stronger and more reliable drill strings delivering higher penetration rates and considerably longer service life. But also straighter holes because the stronger/stiffer rods have reduced tendency for deviation during collaring. The drill bits are also easy to uncouple thanks to the conical SR thread design, facilitating rapid bit changes and more holes drilled. The success has lead to increased demand for other dimensions and use of Magnum SR for other underground applications, and development has progressed accordingly.
The complete Secoroc Magnum SR range - SR22, SR25, SR28, SR32, SR35 and SR38
The Secoroc Magnum SR family has been growing with additional sizes (SR22, SR25 and SR38) lately and meets today the strong requirements of underground applications for drilling blast holes, bolting holes and grouting holes.
Available Secoroc Magnum SR systems today cover hole diameters 32-51 mm for blastholes and bolting, 51-64 mm for grouting and 76-127 mm dome bits for reaming. All with the same strong features and benefits which have been proven time and again in though underground applications throughout the world.
-”The Secoroc Magnum SR range offers unbeatable performance. It is really a universal tool for modern drifting and tunnelling applications”, says  Sture Stenquist. -”It is a pity we can’t make the whole range as one Allen key. That would make life easier for all.”

Divisão Atlas Copco Secoroc

A Atlas Copco Secoroc é uma divisão que se insere na área de negócios Técnica de Construção e Exploração Mineira da Atlas Copco. Desenvolve, fabrica e comercializa ferramentas para perfuração de rocha em todo o mundo. Os seus produtos são utilizados para escavação de rocha no âmbito do negócio da exploração mineira e construção, para aplicações de superfície e subterrâneas. Esta divisão tem sede em Fagersta, na Suécia, dispondo de unidades de produção em seis continentes.