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New Premium Plus DTH bits offer a 10-30% increase in bit life


When our Premium bits first hit the market in 1999, they were the benchmark by which all other DTH bits were measured. So when we started work on the next generation, the goals were, to put it mildly, ambitious. Like their forerunners, Atlas Copco Secoroc’s new Premium Plus DTH bits address the age-old problems of shanking and chunking. After extensive field tests in tough conditions, we can report a 10-30% increase in bit life - even up to 50% in some formations! Add to this a 5% increase in penetration rate, and we’re confident this new range represents the best DTH-bit concept on the market.

Tough bits for a tough life
The new Premium Plus design provides novel refinements such as a tougher steel grade for improved fatigue properties. Furthermore, we’ve not only repositioned the buttons for faster penetration, but also designed them to protrude more - for improved cuttings removal, less secondary crushing and easier bit grinding. And, finally, to reduce the risk of jamming in the hole, the taper on the bit head is shorter with a larger clearing. Summing up, we can safely say that shanking and chunking are now so uncommon as to be considered rarities.

Starting with bits for 5” hammers
The new Premium Plus range starts with bits for 5lr hammers, with bits for 4” and 6” hammers to follow. The bits are available in the following configurations: Flat front HD, SpeedBit, Convex front with ballistic buttons, Concave front and Concave DGR